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LCD Driver Board Solutions

Gullwing can provide various LCD controllers for OEM monitor and packaged flat panel display solutions.

LCD Scaler Boards, Digital Sinage Boards and Flatpanel video display kit, offering the flexibility for various customized applications. The Video Modulation Kit is compatible with a choice of S-Video, Composite, DVI and VGA video inputs.

Video Modulation Kits

Where available product images are indicated by a icon next to the model number, click this icon to view.

Type Model Brightness (Cd - m2) Contrast Ratio Screensize Resolution Notes
5.6" Video Modulation Kit JTR05X000  300 150:1 5.6" 960X234  
7" Video Modulation Kit JTW07X000  420 150:1 7" 480*3X234  
7" Video Modulation Kit JTW07T740  400 300:1 7" 800*3X480  
10.2" Video Modulation Kit JTW10A200  400 300:1 10.2" 800*3X480  
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