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IntelliTouch Surface Wave Touchscreens

IntelliTouch Benefits
  Surface wave technology.
  Pure-glass touchscreens for superior image clarity, resolution, and light transmission.
  Durable, scratch-resistant glass surface╩continues to work if scratched.
  Stable Ądrift-freeą operation╩for a touch response that┤s always accurate.
  Smart touch response╩no false touches.
  Finger, gloved hand, and soft stylus activation.
  Fast, sensitive touch response.
  Sensitive touch response recognizes location and amount of pressure applied.
  Flat, spherical, and cylindrical touchscreen options for design flexibility.
  Antiglare-glass option.
  SecureTouch option on fully tempered glass.

  Flat touch screens are available in sizes from 6.4 to 40 inches.
  Spherical and cylindrical screens are also available from 13 inches to 21 inches.
  Custom sizes are available.

IntelliTouch Self-Service Applications
  Point-of-information kiosks.
  Vending and ticket sales.
  Electronic catalogs.
  Gaming, lottery / lotto terminal, and amusement.
  Public pay phones.
  Multimedia marketing.
  Banking/financial transactions.
  Industrial control rooms.
  Computer-based training.

SecureTouch Technology

Flat-screen SecureTouch products are made of extra-tough glass substrates that resist vandalism. These touchscreens incorporate the solid-glass and coating-free construction of Elo┤s proven IntelliTouch products.

SecureTouch Benefits
  Fully tempered glass on sizes less than 14 inches.
  Heat-strengthened glass on 14-inch and larger sizes.
  No coatings or overlays to wear, scratch, or tear.
  High impact resistance.
  Safe break pattern (tempered only).
  Sizes from 10.4 inches to 17.0 inches.
  Thicknesses of 0.25 inch (6 mm) and 0.50 inch (12 mm).
  Antiglare glass option (0.25-inch thickness only).
  Sealable against dust, splashing liquids, and other contaminants.
  Privacy filter option for applications involving sensitive information (e.g., ATM transactions)

SecureTouch Applications
Specify IntelliTouch products for a variety of demanding public-access applications:   Bank ATMs.
  Ticketing machines.
  Gas pumps.


Medical Industry
Suitable for installation in hospitals, doctor's offices and clinics, the user-friendly intuitive touch interface promotes faster and more accurate medical data input and retrieval. It can increase administrative efficiency, and improve the delivery of health care.

From train stations to airports, touch screen interface devices are used in almost all forms of mass transportation. Its applications can decrease training time, increase productivity, create higher quality products and service, and raise profits.

From casinos and entertainment centers to countertop and bar environments. Touch screen interface devices have been used to provide an easy and fun way to interact. Easy to integrate touch software has expanded the potential for creating exciting new games.

POS (Point Of Sale)
For point-of-sale OEMs, resellers, distributors, and end-customers, we have the right touch. The easy-to-use touch screen enables POS distributors to provide products that help customers reduce employee training time and speed-up transaction.

Office Equipment / Industrial PC
From process automation and quality control to employee training and communication, ELO is the choice of the leading developers of industrial automation software. The compatibility of our touch screen drivers with different software applications provides them with the flexibility they required to improve their management efficiency.

Kiosks and the Public Access Applications
From trade show booths to retail outlets and from public environments to Web phones, touch screen with our built-in Kiosk system provides interactive multimedia solutions. They enable Kiosks to be used in environments where a keyboard or mouse is not practical.

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