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Monochrome Character Modules

Gullwing offers a series of character modules in COB (Chip on Board) and COG (Chip on Glass) technology.

Please contact us for pricing, datasheets or more information.

Where available product images are indicated by a icon next to the model number, click this icon to view.

Model No. Chars x Lines Module Size (mm) Viewing Area (mm) Character Size (mm) Module Type
JT81A  8x1 54.0x37.0x10.0 32.0x16.0 7.6x2.9 COB
JT82A  8x2 58.0x32.0x12.0 35.0x15.0 5.0x2.45 COB
JT82A-G  8x2 36.0x23.5x1.7 32.0x14.5 5.55x2.95 COG
JT82B  8x2 45.0x42.6x13.1 35.0x15.0 3.8x2.45 COB
JT122A  12x2 55.7x32.0x12.8 46.7x17.5 5.5x2.65 COB
JT161A  16x1 80.0x36.0x11.0 64.5x13.5 5.95x3.20 COB
JT161B  16x1 80.0x36.0x11.0 64.5x13.5 5.95x3.20 COB
JT161B-G  16x1 60.2x23.70x2.85 54.2x10.7 5.2x2.62 COG
JT161E  16x1 85.0x36.0x11.0 63.5x15.8 7.15x3.20 COB
JT161F  16x1 122.0x33.0x11.0 99.0x13.0 9.66x4.84 COB
JT162A  16x2 80.0x36.0x11.0 64.5x13.5 4.35x2.95 COB
JT162A-G  16x2 69.5x27.4x2.7 61.0x15.1 5.55x2.95 COG
JT162B  16x2 66.0x37.0x11.3 50.0x12.0 4.00x2.54 COB
JT162C-G  16x2 72.629.7x2.85 68.5x17.95 6.75x3.45 COG
JT162D  16x2 84.0x44.0x11.0 61.0x15.8 5.63x3.0 COB
JT162E-G  16x2 64.2x27.6x2.0 60.2x16.6 4.85x2.95 COG
JT162G  16x2 122.0x44.0x11.0 99.0x24.0 4.84x9.66 COB
JT162H  16x2 80.0x30.0x10.0 63.0x15.8 5.56x2.96 COB
JT162I  16x2 84.0x44.0x11.0 61.0x15.8 5.63x3.0 COB
JT162I-G  16x2 66.0x27.7x2.0 61.0x15.7 5.15x2.95 COG
JT162J  16x2 85.0x36.0x10.5 64.5x13.8 5.0x2.95 COB
JT162J-G  16x2 66.0x27.7x2.1 61.0x15.7 5.15x2.95 COG
JT162N-G  16x2 69.5x27.4x2.7 61.0x14.5 5.55x2.95 COG
JT162V  16x2 85.0x30.0x10.0 66.0x16.0 4.35x2.95 COB
JT162W 16x2 53.0x20.0x8.1 36.0x10.0 3.15x1.85 COB
JT162X  16x2 100.0x36.5x11.0 80.0x20.0 7.76x4.07 COB
JT162Y  16x2 66.0x37.0x11.3 50.0x12.0 4.0x2.54 COB
JT164A  16x4 87.0x60.0x9.5 61.7x25.2 4.75x2.95 COB
JT164A-G  16x4 68.0x39.0x2.85 62.0x26.0 4.75x2.95 COG
JT201A  20x1 182.0x33.5x11.0 154.3x15.3 9.4x6.70 COB
JT202A  20x2 115.6x39.7x11.0 83.0x18.6 5.63x3.25 COB
JT202I 20x2 116.0x37.0x11.0 83.0x18.6 5.63x3.25 COB
JT202J  20x2 116.0x37.0x13.0 83.0x18.6 5.55x3.2 COB
JT202M  20x2 180.0x40.0x9.5 149.0x23.0 9.66x6.0 COB
JT204A  20x4 98.0x60.0x12.0 76.0x25.2 4.75x2.95 COB
JT204I  20x4 98.0x53.34x11.0 74.0x27.7 4.75x2.95 COB
JT204K 20x4 146.0x62.5x9.0 123.5x43.0 9.22x4.84 COB
JT241A  24x1 118.0x36.0x11.0 93.5x15.8 8.20x3.20 COB
JT242A  24x2 118.0x36.0x11.0 93.5x15.8 5.55x3.20 COB
JT244B  24x4 125.0x39.0x13.7 97.0x27.0 5.55x3.2 COB
JT402A  40x2 186.2x34.5x11.0 153.5x16.5 5.69x3.28 COB
JT402C  40x2 182.0x33.5x11.0 154.4x15.8 3.20x5.55 COB
JT402E  40x2 182.0x33.5x13.6 154.4x15.8 5.55x3.2 COB
JT402G  40x2 182.0x33.5x14.5 154.4x15.8 3.2x5.55 COB
JT404A 40x4 190.0x54.0x11.0 147.0x29.5 4.89x2.78 COB
JT404B 40x4 190.0x54.0x11.0 147.0x29.5 4.89x2.78 COB
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