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LCD Monitor

Gullwing provides slim design, light weight, and high-performance LCD monitor with touch screen, glass, and audio/DVI input available upon request. With flexible A/D board design, Gullwing LCD Monitors support various panel manufacturer standards.

Gullwing offers a range from 15" to a larger 19" screen size, with optional touch screen technology.

  Full consideration for touch screen installation and applications
  Slim profile for any space-constricted applications
  Flexible choices of touch screen, anti-glare protection glass and audio function
  Versatile stand design for different environment applications
  Multiple choices of colours for matching up the design of environment
  Flexible A/D board R/D design supporting various panel manufacture standards
  Hot key design for auto-adjustment
  Hot key design for channel switch to VGA, S-video and CVBS

Please contact us for pricing, datasheets or more information.


Where available product images are indicated by a icon next to the model number, click this icon to view.

Model Resolution Contrast Ratio Brightness (Cd/m2) Screen Size Notes
JTR15L600 / JTR15L630 1024x768 500:1 250 15"  
JTR17L500-M1 / JTR17L540-M1 1280x1024 500:1 280 17"  
JTR17L500-A3 / JTR17L540-A3 1280x1024 700:1 300 17"  
JTW17L300 / JTW17L340 1280x768 800:1 450 17"  
JTR19L300 / JTR19L340 1280x1024 1000:1 250 19"  
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