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Digital Signage Boards

The Gullwing interface controller for OEM monitor and packaged flat panel display solutions.

Digital Signage is a fast growing part of the public information display market. Digital Signage is intended for use in Public environments where viewed by more than one individual simultaneously to convey information, advertising or other forms of messaging. These display solutions all integrate some form of intelligence to drive content on the display.

Ideal for a multitude of environments and applications such as retail, leisure, hospitality and transportation.

Panels: 1280x1024,1024x768,800x600,640x480 TFT colour LCD & other

Input: Analog Video(PAL,NTSC),D-Sub,& other

Integrates A/D board and media player faultlessly. It generates all the necessary control signals and the panel data to drive TFT-LCDs. It performs image scaling on 24-bit RGB or YUV data stream and feeds the scaled pixels to the LCD panel. It accepts standard analog RGB and SYNC (CRT like) signals from any VGA/SVGA/XGA/SXGA video controller. The R2MP board also accepts media sources through dual slot design which allows Compact Flash or IBM Micro drive to work concurrently with the Smart Media, Memory Stick, and Multimedia Card/Secure Digital, as a media player. An OSD (On Screen Display) logic is embedded. The VGA user interface (UI) includes Auto-Adjust, Phase, Brightness, Contrast, Horizontal and Vertical Position adjustment, etc. The auto adjustment function provides automatic frequency, phase, H&V position, and white balance tuning. The media player UI includes all convenient functions, such as play, stop, pause, repeat, rotate, zoom-in, etc.

Flat panel controller feature:
  Separate RGB Video signal.
  Build-in YUV to RGB colour space converter & deinterlace.
  Dual LVDS Interface Output.
  6bit TTL interface output.
  On-Screen Display Control.
  Support various panel from VGA to SXGA.
   RGB input Maximum resolution 1280x1024 (SXGA) @ 75Hz.
  Auto adjustment VGA signals for frequency, phase, H/V position, and white balance.
  On chip brightness, contrast and gamma correction.
  VESA DDC1/2B: Software DDC1 and DDC 2B is supported.
  Internal stereo audio amplifier.
  Flexible firmware design to meet any custom design request.
  Zoom scaling up and down.

Media player feature:
  Remote controller
  Playable Format: MPEG1/2/4(option), JEPG, Mp3
  Storage Capacity: Compact Flash card, IBM Micro Drive, SM/ MMC/ SD/ MS card
  Video Resolution: 352 x 288pixels (PAL); 352 x 240 pixels (NTSC)
  Playback Functions: Play, Stop, Pause,Repeat, Previous/Next Track, Volume, Mute, Rotate, Zoom, Interval Time, Interval Effect and Special Track classification

PCB Board Feartues:
  Power Consumption: 4.5W (12V)
  Dimensions: PCB Dimensions (W x D) in mm: 120 x 154.5
  Weight: 137g
  Environmental: Operating temperature: 0 C to 50C; Relative humidity: 5%-95%, non- condensing

  Up to 12801024 (SXGA) resolution
  TTL/LVDS, Analog & interlaced signal Accepted
  VGA Input
  Flexible LCD panel BIOS supporting
  Remote controller
  Flexible LCD panel BIOS supporting
  Support Analog TFT panel for video application
  Up to 1600x1200 resolution
  Automatic input source detection
  Support LVDS Interface TFT panel

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