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Colour STN Modules

Gullwing offers a series of standard colour STN graphic modules with various configurations of resolution, module sizes and controller ICs.

Please contact us for pricing, datasheets or more information.


Where available product images are indicated by a icon next to the model number, click this icon to view.

Model Resolution (dots) Module size (mm) Module size (mm) Diagonal (in)
JT9664FKF  96x64 28.4x28.5x2.75 22.96x16.48 1.0"
JT0245AK  128x96 39.7x34.2x3.25 32.0x26.0 1.4"
JT128128CK  128x128 33.35x59.24x3.7 28.3x30.17 1.5"
JT128128KK 128x128 33.35x41.64x3.1 28.3x30.17 1.5"
JT128160CK 128x160 37.85x51.4x3.2 33.3x43.0 1.86"
JT0210AK 128x160 38.5x51.9x5.0 34.5x39.3 1.96"
JT0236AK 128x160 38.5x51.9x4.6 34.5x39.3 1.86"
JT0255AK 128x160 38.5x51.9x4.6 33.1x42.4 1.93"
JT128160DK  128x160 40.0x49.5x3.4 33.3x43.0 1.96"
JT128160EK  128x160 40.0x49.5x3.4 33.3x43.0 1.96"
JT128160GK  128x160 37.85x60.4x5.1 32.05x40.2 1.96"
JT320240AK  320x240 146.5x109x8.5 119.2x90.4 5.7"
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