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RoHS & WEEE Green Solutions

After years of debate, technical arguments and delays, Directive 2002/95/EC on the Restriction of certain Hazardous Substances Directive (RoHS) and Directive 2002/96/EC on Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) are finally in force across all 25 EU member states, together with Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway.

The legislation came and went on July 1st with no real dramas or fireworks Ė these look likely to come towards the end of the year as the various enforcement agencies across Europe shift from their current educational and supportive role, to one of less tolerant policing.

If you havenít yet achieved full compliance, or are still confused as to what is actually required, donít panic. You certainly arenít alone, and are probably in the majority if the electronics industry press is to be believed. But you must begin to take positive action, which is where we can help.

Whether youíre new to RoHS or simply keeping abreast of the latest developments, the information contained on this web site, and the complimentary services we offer, will guide you towards compliance or assist you in applying the myriad if complex exemptions.

Legislative Process

A simple web search will unveil a multitude of RoHS and WEEE related information. However, much of what may be uncovered is either unnecessary or fragmented, as both Directives must be read in conjunction with related Commission Decisions.

The following links present only what you need to know, with supportive guidance where appropriate.


 Waste electrical and electronic equipment directive
(2002/96/EC, 27 January 2003)
 Directive 2003/108/EC amending article 9
(8 December 2003)

All of the above documents constitute the WEEE legislation.

 UK WEEE Implementation Review
 VIDEO: Preparing for WEEE (BBC News)

 RoHS Enforcement
 RoHS Exemptions

 The restriction of hazardous substances Directive
(2002/95/EC, 27 January 2003)
 Commission Decision 2005/618/EC
(18 August 2005)
 Commission Decision 2005/717/EC
(13 October 2005)
 Commission Decision 2005/747/EC
(21 October 2005)
 Commission Decision 2006/310/EC
(21 April 2006)
 Commission Decision 2006/690/EC
(12 October 2006)
 Commission Decision 2006/691/EC
(12 October 2006)
 Commission Decision 2006/692/EC
(12 October 2006)

All of the above documents constitute the RoHS legislation.

 Proposed additional exemptions


RoHS Regulations
 UK Government guidance notes (November 2005)

TAC Minutes

What is TAC?
Chaired by the European Commission, the Technical Adaptation Committee (TAC) consists of representatives from EU Member States. They hold regular meetings and discuss issues relating to both WEEE and RoHS Directives and their implementation. The link above presents informal notes from the meetings, though they are not legally binding.

 Notes on UK transposition of RoHS
 Database - Properties of Lead-Free Solder Alloys (4Mb)

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