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Rack Mount

Our LCD console drawers can save space, power and money. They only takes 1U (4.4cm) of rack space. These are the best chioice for ASP, ISP, telecommunication companies, other server rooms and test labs.

  Supports PS/2 mouse
  Supports Microsoft IntelliMouse (Pro)
  Hot-key functions allow easy computer access
  Keyboard states automatically saved and restored when switching computers
  Operating system independent, transparent to all applications
  Plug and play system configuration
  DDC2B compatible
  Standard 15 inches rack mounting design
  Stores system settings and name entries to non-volatile memory
  Assword security locks a computer from unauthorised access
  Gains complete control with easy-to-use OSD interface
  Offers standard keyboard and heavy duty touch pad to easier monitor and control
  Selectable User Timeout

Where available product images are indicated by a icon next to the model number, click this icon to view.

Model Screensize Height Type
JTLDS210D-1P  15" 1U Console Drawer
JTS210D-8P 15" 1U Console Drawer
JTLDS210D-16P 15" 1U Console Drawer
JTLDS310D-1P  17" 1U Console Drawer
JTLDS310D-8P 17" 1U Console Drawer
JTLDS310D-16P 17" 1U Console Drawer
JTLDS410D-1P  19" 1U Console Drawer
JTLDS410D-8P 19" 1U Console Drawer
JTLDS410D-16P 19" 1U Console Drawer
JTRM5101-1U  15" 1U Rack mount adjustable display
JTRM7101-1U 17" 1U Rack mount adjustable display
JTR12T600-RKM1  12.1" 6U Rack Mount
JTR15T600-RKA1 15" 7U Rack Mount LCD
JTR15L600-RKC3 15" 7U Rack Mount LCD
JTR15L100-RKH1 15" 7U Rack Mount LCD
JT17L500-RKM1  17" 9U Rack Mount LCD
JTR19L300-RKM1 19" 9U Rack Mount LCD
JTR20L100-RKA2  20.1" 9U Rack Mount LCD
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