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Monochrome Graphic Modules

Gullwing offers a series of standard graphic modules in COB (Chip on Board) technology.

Further more we have several "special" Graphic Modules are available in COG (chip on Glass) and TCP (Tape Carrier Package) technology.

Please contact us for pricing, datasheets or more information.

Where available product images are indicated by a icon next to the model number, click this icon to view.

Model No. Display Format Module size (mm) Viewing Area (mm) Dot Size Controller
JT8064C 80x64 54.99x47.98x11.0 34.75x46.0 0.48x0.48 T6B66B
JT9632A-G  96x32 36.0x29.0x2.0 33.0x19.0 0.28x0.25 KS0715
JT9632E-G  96x32 34.0x29.0X2.0 30.8x16.7 0.27x0.38 KS0715
JT10032A  100x32 98.0x50.0x10.5 76.0x25.2 0.62x0.56 NJU6450
JT10032A-G  100x32 43.5x24.0x2.85 40.5x14.0 0.36x0.36 KS0715
JT10064A-G  100x64 48.0x40.0x1.7 44.0x27.0 0.33x0.33 NT7502
JT10481A-G  104x81 50.0x48.0x2.85 47.0x36.0 0.36x0.36 S6B0718
JT10656A-G  106x56 36.6x28.0x2.0 32.6x17.6 0.27x0.27 KS0724
JT11264J-G  112x64 37.5x32.5x4.6 32.0x21.0 0.22x0.25 S6B0724
JT12232A  122x32 84.0x44.0x9.5 60.0x18.5 0.40x0.40 SED1520
JT12232B  122x32 65.4x29.1x5.0 54.8x19.1 0.36x0.41 SED1520
JT12232E  122x32 69.2x31.75x5.0 57.2x17.2 0.38x0.38 SED1520
JT12232F 122x32 84.0x44.0x13.0 60.0x18.0 0.40x0.45 SED1520
JT12832A  128x32 75.0x41.5x10.0 60.0x21.3 0.40x0.48 KS0107
JT12864A  128x64 113.0x65.0x11.0 73.4x38.8 0.46x0.46 KS0107
JT12864A2-G  128x64 89.7x49.8x6.0 66.8x35.5 0.48x0.48 S1D15605
JT12864B  128x64 86.4x59.4x15.0 70.7x38.8 0.48x0.48 KS0107
JT12864B2-G  128x64 77.5x51.3x2.8 70.7x38.8 0.48x0.48 S1D15605
JT12864D  128x64 75.0x52.7x6.8 60.0x32.5 0.40x0.40 KS0107
JT12864F  128x64 78.0x70.0x13.0 62.0x44.0 0.39x0.55 KS0107
JT12864G  128x64 77.8x69.8x9.5 70.7x38.8 0.48x0.48 HD61202
JT12864H  128x64 113.0x65.0x11.0 73.4x38.8 0.46x0.46 HD61202
JT12864I  128x64 78.0x70.0x13.0 62.0x44.0 0.39x0.55 T6963C
JT12864J 128x64 54.0x50.0x7.5 43.5x29.0 0.28x0.35 T6963C
JT12864K  128x64 54.0x54.5x10.0 44.5x29.5 0.29x0.39 KS0107
JT12864L  128x64 93.0x70.0x10.0 71.7x39.0 0.48x0.48 KS0108
JT12864L-G  128x64 57.6x42.0x3.8 54.6x32.0 0.36x0.4 KS0724
JT12864N-G  128x64 70.0x43.0x2.85 59.0x30.5 0.39x0.39 KS0724
JT128128A  128x128 85.0x100.0x14.0 62.0x62.0 0.43x0.43 T6963C
JT128128A-F 128x128 38.8x34.1x5.5 32.0x27.5 0.18x0.18 VC1607-C
JT128128B  128x128 92.0x106.0x17.0 73.0x73.0 0.50x0.50 T6963C
JT128128C  128x128 100.0x85.0x11.0 62.0x62.0 0.39x0.39 KS0107BP
JT128128C-T  128x128 35.0x33.0x5.5 32.0x27.5 0.17x0.22 S6B0741
JT13264C-G  132x64 65.0x38.0x2.0 59.0x26.0 59.0x26.0 S6B1713
JT13264E-G  132x64 70.0x31.0x2.0 66.0x21.0 0.40x0.30 NT7532
JT13265E-G  132x65 49.2x32.5x2.0 45.2x21.9 0.27x0.27 NT7502
JT132128A-G  132x128 132.0x107.4x18.3 79.6x66.2 0.42x0.42 SSD1815
JT160120A-G  160x120 67.7x53.7x2.0 57.0x43.0 0.32x0.32 SPLC560A
JT160128A  160x128 129.0x120.0x12.8 101.0x82.0 0.54x0.54 T6963C
JT160160A  160x160 89.2x85.0x9.0 62.0x62.0 0.34x0.34 NONE
JT160160B-T 160x160 67.60x70.80x2.8 59.0x62.2 0.33x0.35 NONE
JT160160D-T 160x160 70.2x70.5x7.0 61.0x61.0 0.33x0.33 SED1335
JT160240A-G  160x240 55.2x70.1x3.8 41.4x60.6 0.22x0.22 S6B0794
JT19264A 192x64 100.0x60.0x12.0 84.0x31.0 0.36x0.36 KS0107
JT24064A  240x64 180.0x75.0x11.0 132.0x39.0 0.48x0.48 NONE
JT24064B  240x64 180.0x65.0x12.0 132.0x39.0 0.49x0.49 T6963C
JT24064F  240x64 205.0x92.0x13.0 157.0x63.0 0.58x0.82 SED1335F
JT24064K  240x64 200.0x66.0x23.0 132.0x39.0 0.50x0.50 T6963C
JT24064L  240x64 180.0x65.0x9.0 132.0x39.0 0.48x0.48 T6963C
JT24064N 240x64 180.0x75.0x11.0 132.0x39.0 0.48x0.48 NONE
JT24064Q  240x64 151.0x39.0x17.0 96.0x27.9 0.34x0.34 S6B0108
JT240128A  240x128 144.0x104.0x12.0 114.0x64.0 0.40x0.40 T6963C
JT240128C  240x128 144.0x104.0x12.0 114.0x64.0 0.42x0.42 T6963C
JT320240A 320x240 143.0x96.8x12.0 104.0x79.3 0.27x0.27 NONE
JT320240A-G  320x240 88.3x70.0x2.2 79.8x60.6 0.22x0.22 NONE
JT320240A-T  320x240 183.0x140.0x12.7 141.0x106.0 0.39x0.39 SSD1870
JT320240B  320x240 139.0x120.0x13.5 103.0x79.0 0.27x0.27 NONE
JT320240C  320x240 174.0x112.0x14.0 122.0x92.0 0.33x0.33 NONE
JT320240D  320x240 167.0x106.0x11.0 122.0x92.0 0.33x0.33 NONE
JT320240E 320x240 167.1x109.0x11.0 122.0x92.0 0.33x0.33 SED1335
JT320240J 320x240 160.0x109.0x16.0 122.0x92.0 0.33x0.33 SED1335
JT48064A  480X64 248.5X59.0X12.0 229.5X36.0 0.41X0.41 NONE
JT48064B  480x64 256.0x80.0x11.0 222.6x37.5 0.40x0.45 NONE
JT640480A-T 640x480 231.2x173.4x9.1 186.5x158.0 0.25x0.29 S6B0794
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